FIBCs are an excellent solution for the need to pack, organize and transport merchandise with ease.
Ensacar’s high-tech polypropylene packaging is very resistant. We can adapt it to the needs of each client
and our quality is guaranteed.

All our products are manufactured according to customer specifications. We take into account the type
of product, storage needs, shelf life and kind of transportation.

Applications include hazardous waste, antistatic and dissipative materials and others that a client may

Bag Construction

• Circular
• U-Panel
• 4-Panel
• Baffle

Type of Bags

• Type A,B,C and D
• Food Grade
• UN Certification


• Formfits
• Food Grade
• Specialties


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The minimum capacity can be from 250 kg. We have models with a maximum capacity of up to 2.0 tons.

We have special seams to prevent product leaks. Wide variety of loading and unloading styles. We can
print according to the needs of each client and with a capacity of 3 inks and on special occasions up to 4.

We serve any industry Market: Chemicals, Minerals, Pharmaceutical, Agrochemicals, Grains, Cement and more

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