Over 20

years of experience




FIBCs delivered

Our priority is to provide solutions effective to the needs of packaging, packaging, storage and transportation of products.

Ensacar México, S. A. de C. V., has an internal laboratory to rigorously evaluate new designs and guarantee compliance with high quality and reliability, a characteristic that distinguishes us. Also to ensure compliance with National and International Standards. For this, we have destruction testing machinery to certify that our products meet the 5:1 and 6:1 safety factors.* Destruction test.

In addition, elongation and resistance tests are carried out on our fabrics; as well as UV ray tests, to ensure that meet the quality.

Our plant is food grade certified, we have a metal detector and inspection tables with light integrated, to ensure that there are no contaminants in the bulk bag, after the product is finished.



Manufacture and market woven polypropylene packaging for the agricultural, chemical, mineral and its derivatives sectors to meet the needs and expectations of national and international markets, offering quality and timely service in order to maintain profitability and sustained growth.


Maintain leadership in the supply of polypropylene packaging and have a significant share in national and international markets.



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